Documents & Proceedures for Import & Export Formalities with cargoes in Liner Container

Fist stage is signing the Contract.

In order to collect Delivery Order for Import cargoes in containers Freight Forwarding Company shall contact our office and provide following documents

""3/3 originals of B/L duly indorsed or Telex Release

"" Original “Order Letter” from the Shipper/Orderer in case of “Order B/L” (consignee in BL is "to the order/to the order of ..." Each page of MBL shall be duly indorced by Shipper or Orderer.

""Original Power of Attorney Letter (Authorization letter from consignee per MBL to arrange delivery and port formalities particular containers)

""Import Shipping Order (THC Payer – Uni-Orient Shipping Agency LTD in UAH, the rest to be paid by Forwarder)

"" Insurance policy for the containers

Procedure of arranging formalities for Export cargoes:

"" Booking via e-mail

"" Instructions for BL issue

"" Shipping Order for receiving empty equipment and seal (THC payer - Uni-Orient Shipping Agency LTD in UAH)

"" Original VGM certificate

"" Insurance Policy for empty equipment

"" Export shipping order for full container

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