Quality Assurance System


Quality Assurance System

Uni-Orient Shipping Agency's quality management system has been established to meet (ISM) (Doc) (SMC) standards the company actively maintains these standards & ensure that the services provided to the client are conducted in a safe plus efficient working practice.

Utilizing equipment and materials that are of the required quality for the task at hand.

Conducting activities under the control of specific work practices.

Ensuring that Uni-Orient SA staff are provided with the correct training and support to conduct their respective tasks defined by their job descriptions. Our System has been implemented to achieve and sustain the following objectives:

Provision of an organization structure that ensures the continuity of company business activities within the offshore industry.

Provision of professional and efficient project related activities, thus ensuring continuous improvements to the quality of the company's deliverables.

For any issues please apply to Quality Coordinator qa@uni-orient.com.ua