HSE. Uni Orient Shipping Agency recognizes that the safety of people and the protection of the environment is a critical element of our mission and we are committed to conducting our operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

This will be achieved by adherence to a structured "HSE" management system which addresses the responsibilities of the company's management staff, subcontractors andother parties involved in the performance of our mission.
With regards to the company "HSE"management system we comit ourselves to the following:

- Provide our employees and subcontractors with a safe environment in which to perform their work.

- Provide a formal set of "HSE" related rules, procedures and guidelines within which our operation are to be performed and demand strict compliance from our & staff and subcontractors.

- Providing training and advice to our employees in matters of (HSE) compliance.

- Encourage feedback and suggestions & seek effective ways to implement them.

- Enforce a clear system of (HSE) accountability within our organization.

- To continuously learn from all incidents,& near misses by considering ways to prevent a future re-occurrence and improving the way we deal with the relevant (HSE)issue.

- Comply with government legislation& client policies relating to (HSE) environmental protection.

- The managing director of the company has the overall responsibility for ensuring this policy is implemented and fully supported. The system will be reviewed on an annual basis to assess its effectiveness.

- It is the responsibility of all Uni-Orient Shipping Agency, its alliances and contractors to ensure that the health & safety of all colleagues is maintained at all times