Uni-orient - miracle of orient
Uni-Orient Shipping Agency Ltd general agent of the shipping line in Ukraine, which is the largest shipping lines in the world rankings of the leading companies engaged in container shipping and operating its own fleet.

Uni Orient - Beyond Compare




We propose competetive sea freight in liner containers from Black Sea Ports to Persian Gulf and Far East Ports.




Promotion and representation of your services at Black Sea.




Organization of Port Handling, Storage, Cargo Shifting between Terminals or from Yard to Terminal, loading /unloading cargo on vehicles for further inland haulage




Uni Orient Shipping Agency provids Crewing Services via affiliated Company "SVS Management" established at 2009.


Employees life and work
Security & Safety Environment
Our priorities
in provision of Services
Transparency & Management Quality
International Solidarity with Shipping World
Promotion of High Working Standards and Business Ethics
Maintain Strong Connections with Government Bodies on All Levels


Documents Required Prior Vessel’s Arrival at Port of Ukraine

  • Registration of agency and vessel with port & customs system
  • Obtain the manifest number from the customs prior vessel’s arrival
  • Appoint the stevedore for vessel and inform the director of marine operation

Documents Requested upon Vessel’s Arrival to Ukrainian Ports

  • Copy of ship’s registry
  • International load line certificate
  • International tonnage certificate
  • Last port clearance (original)
  • Safety equipment certificate

Messaging Requirements in Ports of Ukraine

  • Acknowledgement of sailing instructions
  • Arrival Notice To Port & Pre arrival Information to Master
  • Estimated Proforma Disbursement to Principals
  • 96,72,48,24,12Hrs ETA Notice Relayed to Port

Documents & Procedures for Import & Export Formalities in Liner Containers

  • 3/3 originals of B/L duly indorsed or Telex Release
  • Original “Order Letter” from the Shipper/Orderer in case of “Order B/L” (consignee in BL is "to the order/to the order of ..." Each page of MBL shall be duly indorced by Shipper or Orderer.